Gima Caffè: the history

Gima Caffè is a company, based in the capital of Rome, which offers a top quality coffee and taste. Since its inception Gima Caffè was synonymous of quality, a quality consolidated over years of experience of people who love coffee. This is why Gima Caffè has identified, in the demanding bar sector, his ideal customer. The guarantee and reliability of our company are the result of constant commitment and work of men, today fortified by the use of ultramodern machinery and perfectly in line with the market and with its constant evolution.

A journey through time

From Virgilio and Nello’s love and passion for coffee, in a workshop in ‘Via di Trigoria’, a small artisanal coffee roasting was born in the 80 's: Gima Caffè. In their ideal dream they meant to create a company that could compete with the leading brands of coffee, always maintaining a high level of production quality: highly selected and roasted coffee according to the best Italian tradition. The immediate success in the bars of the Italian capital soon led to the need to widen the spaces dedicated to production.

Our mission

Make an instant of pleasure unforgettable. That is how Gima Caffè proposes to transmit a unique taste that reflects the devotion, the passion and the attention in re-elaborating the most valuable beans of the world, joining tradition and modernity together. The chance to enjoy a very good coffee, into a moment of freedom, making ourselves been distracted from the thoughts every day’s life: that is what Gima offers to its customers, through the range of lines dedicated to bars and private customers.

Taking a look into the future

Become a reference point for coffee lovers all around the world. Thus indicates our continued desire to succeed at making of the most modern technology only a means to create the perfect combination between taste and passion for our work. Aiming to expand our own market into other continents and extending our client portfolio are Gima’s main objectives, which go hand in hand with the satisfaction of perceiving the appreciation for our products by endless new buyers and tasters.

Our quality

Thanks to the accuracy of our production processes and to the quality of final products, we have been able to get important certifications, both in Italy and abroad.