The GIMA CAFFE HELLAS has created especially for future Baristi Academy Master Espresso. Experienced and skilled professionals will lead you into the fantastic world of coffee in order to experience the endless possibilities and its secrets.
The Academy aims to educate coffee professionals, who would spread the culture of quality Espresso. Because Knowledge and Professionalism are the basis for success in any field.
Occupation: "Chef of coffee» - At the end of the training, you will learn everything about the farming techniques of different kinds of coffee, as well you will be able to recognize each variety only by the taste. You will handle all the necessary equipment and will pleasantly surprise customers with special designs on the cappuccino.


A cup of Italian Espresso with harmonious taste, rich aroma and fullbody is usually the result of the perfect combination of different bean origins. This is precisely the Blend. Gima Coffee gives particular attention to this selection phase.


The most sensitive and important phase of preparation of the Espresso. The ideal milling yields 25-30ml coffee to 25-30 seconds.


The Espresso is made with boiled water to release the aroma ofcoffee. The innovation introduced by the Espresso is pressure injected, which is higher than atmospheric pressure, but the temperature is below 100 degrees.


Equally important as the choice of the Blend is themaintenance and the machine-cleaning of residues. Purification is recommended to be done daily. Improper maintenance will affect the quality of coffee.


For a perfect result is crucial the contribution ofBarista. His experience and skills. Proper selection of Blend, careful grinding, engine maintenance and proper extraction of the coffee are the pillars of professional manual Barista.
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